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Central IQ is in the business of enhancing your revenues, margins, earnings, and competitiveness in highly principled and effective ways—all while generating substantial socioeconomic gains for communities served.

We do this by (1) analyzing what has already happened in the world that has yet to have full impact in your spheres of influence; (2) focusing on pivotal, emerging needs that will be shared by society, well-led organizations, and pioneering individuals; and (3) helping you capitalize on these mission-critical market, corporate, and product demands ethically, far ahead of your competitors.

Our unique competency is our ability to help you understand the implications of unexpected successes and unexpected failures in convergence markets, so you can create the future rather than respond to it. Convergence markets are inherently unstable—in a good way. Their instability results from important disruptive forces, such as new industries, breakthrough technologies, and game-changing events. These new market drivers radically transform industry relationships and needs. And they introduce unprecedented opportunities for preemptive market, corporate, and product leadership.

We help you harness disruptive forces within the health, education, and social-service sectors. With a superior understanding of the next big thing, you gain a foothold in the most lucrative new market segments, better serve your existing and forthcoming customers, and invariably lead the field.

Who Are Our Clients?

We serve mission-driven, result-minded strategists and decision makers like you in the health, education, and social-service sectors.

Our clients are typically (1) entrepreneurs in investor-funded startups, (2) chief officers in the lead business units of world-class multinationals, and (3) executive directors in pioneering not-for-profits or government agencies.

What Do Our Clients Want and Need?

Sharing a commitment to both ethics and results, we help mission-driven clients like you capitalize on pivotal opportunities for decisive market, corporate, and product leadership. Like you, our clients come to us to protect and enhance their revenues, gross margins, operating efficiencies, operating margins, net income, returns-on-investment (ROI), net present values (NPVs), internal rates of return (IRRs), market opportunities, market size, market potential, market penetration, market share, brand equity, speed-to-market, speed-to-revenues, speed-to-favorable-liquidity-events, share price, talent acquisition, professional development, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention, organizational development, corporate development, core competencies, innovation capabilities, compound annual growth rates (CAGR), competitiveness, valuations, share price, constituent relations, and more.

What Results Do We Achieve?

We have been instrumental in the rapid ascent of many organizations, large and small.

And we have measurably enhanced the performance of startups, niche-market leaders, brand-name multinationals, not-for-profits, and government agencies…and we’ve done so efficiently, ethically, and to the betterment of society.

We invite you to review our client listscase studies, and testimonials.

You’ll gain confidence in our mastery of preemptive market, corporate, and product leadership.

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